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2. AWRE Lab 6 Orford Ness3. AWRE admin building Orford NessLab 2 AWRE site Orford NessBlack beacon Orfordness5. Lighthouse Orford Ness7. Officers Mess (remains of) Orford Ness8. Hard Target Orford NessLighthouse and coastguard lookout OrfordnessWorkshop Orford Ness9. Hush House Bentwaters10. Control Cabin and tower Bentwaters11. Blast Walls Bentwaters12. Weapons Store BentwatersInterior of watch tower - nuclear storage facility BentwatersLab 5 AWRE site Orford NessBeach Orford NessKingsHeadfood_B9M5714-05774KingsHeadfood_B9M5732-05792_DSC0208-Edit-214. AWRE Labs 4 & 5 (the Pagodas) Orford Ness